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A storied past

Prairie Mutual Insurance Association is a mutual insurance company formed in 1878 as Pioneer Mutual Insurance Association by a group of farmers from Liberty and Lafayette Townships in Keokuk County. Since that time, thousands of policy holders have trusted Prairie Mutual for their property and casualty insurance needs.

A bright future.

Prairie Mutual is a local insurance company based in Keota, Iowa. As a mutual insurance company, Prairie Mutual has no stock holders or private owners. As a result, our first priority is the interests of our policy holders. Our policy holders are people of all walks of life in south-east Iowa who have come together to provide protection for their “mutual” benefit. Company profits are held in reserve to pay for covered losses to members’ property, not distributed as quarterly dividends to stock holders or CEOs.

Our ability to provide high quality, reliable service is due in part to a dedicated staff made up of local people with over 85 combined years of service to Prairie Mutual. Also responsible is a progressive Board of Directors comprised of local farmers and small-business people who are committed to providing the best possible products and services to our customers. Our experience and policy-holder focus will help us write the story of our next 100 years in business!



Homeowner’s Insurance


Whether you are purchasing your first house, or you are building your dream home; whether in town or in the country; we can tailor your coverage to protect the property that you treasure most.

Farmowner’s Insurance


We protect farm exposures ranging from small hobby farms to large grain and livestock operations.t.

Renter’s, Property Owner’s, Church, School, and Community Property Insurance


If you own a rental property, rent an apartment or house, or oversee the property of a church, school, cemetery, or other community property, we have just the right coverage to meet your insurance needs.