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This notice is provided to you on behalf of Prairie Mutual  Insurance Association. We appreciate the trust you place in us when you  provide us with the personal information we need when you purchase  insurance from us. We take our obligation to protect your information  seriously. This notice provides you with an explanation of where we get  information about you when we write your insurance policies and to whom  we disclose that information.

In the course of issuing or processing a policy or handling a claim, we may collect information about you from:

  • The insurance application or other forms (for example, your name,  address, phone number, date of birth and social security number);
  • Your transactions with us (such as payment and claims histories);
  • Consumer reporting agencies and insurance companies with whom you  havedone business (such as your credit history and claims history);
  • Your insurance agent (such as updated information pertinent to your  account or information about your policies with other insurers);

Government agencies (such as county recorder, assessor, clerk of court  and department of motor vehicles).In addition, if you make a claim for  medical payments, we may request information pertaining to your medical  history and treatment.We treat your personal information with respect  and concern for your privacy. We do not sell any of your personal  information to any third party. We maintain physical, electronic, and/or  procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard the  information we obtain from you. In the course of our normal insurance  business transactions, we may disclose some information about you to  non-affiliated third parties, but only as permitted by law. Examples of  some organizations to whom we might give information are:

  • Independent claims adjusters, appraisers, structural engineers, or  attorneys who would need the information to handle your claims;
  • Your insurance agent, to allow for servicing of you policy;
  • Insurance rating organizations who require information for actuarial purposes;
  • Law enforcement or to her governmental agencies in response to a  subpoena or threat of one, or in connection with suspected fraudulent  claims;
  • Our reinsurance company.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, you may write to  the attention of“Personal Information Request” at our mailing address:

Prairie Mutual Insurance Association
PO Box 38
Keota, Iowa 52248